Alkaas has fabricators who manufacture assorted products using various raw materials, tools and their own hands. We have steel, aluminum and other metal fabricators. Their primary responsibilities include:-.


  • Checking measurements and dimensions of each piece that’s being worked on with rulers, measuring tapes or squares.
  • Placing each product component in its appropriate spot as noted in the blueprints for proper alignment by using a hammer, pry bar, jack, wedge or another tool.
  • Marking spots to cut and use tools to manipulate steel, plastic or other materials by cutting, hammering, bending or grinding the work piece.
  • Employing furnaces or hand torches to heat up materials to make them more flexible for bending or manipulation into the correct specification.
  • Reviewing blueprints, drawings and other specification papers before starting work on a fabrication process and during the steps to ensure accurate completion.
  • Maneuvering fabrication machines, such as grinders, drill presses, brakes, rolls, shears and flame cutters to cut, bend, grind and adjust materials.
  • Making templates for common work tasks when conducting repetitive motions for the fabrication process to ensure a set standard of work quality.

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